Stefania Ferrario: Ewe Can Do Better! Wear Vegan


“The “Women, Life, Freedom” movement that has taken hold in Iran in recent weeks is revolutionary, but these acts of defiance and cries to be heard are not new.

Young Iranian women have been involved in small but consistent evolutionary actions during the entire 44 years of the Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly in the past two decades, too often paying the price with their lives.

Fighting for gender equality is everyone’s job, to enhance awareness and bring about change. There can be no democracy without first respecting women’s rights and restoring their dignity and freedom.

Let the Regime know the whole world is watching them.” – Venus & Stefania

Stefania Ferrario, activist and model Stefania is a trilingual, bisexual model known for her gender-fluid look. She shaved her head in 2012 to show that bald is beautiful and, in 2015, spearheaded the ‘Drop the Plus’ campaign to end use of the term ‘plus size’ in the fashion industry. What do you think of the concept of ‘ladylike’ It needs to lose its power to restrict and control… I thought it was an outdated term left behind in the last century. I imagine it as a form of social control over women that started to lose its grip after the ’50s. Not to say that there is anything wrong with acting like a ‘lady’ and dressing in a reserved, feminine way, [but] the pressure from society if you didn’t comply would have been terrible. Thankfully now society is more accepting whichever way you act, dress and carry yourself. Women and men can choose to adopt it as a style whenever they like, but that doesn’t make them better than anyone else.

Stefania Ferrario (born Stephanie Denise Kightley; 14 June 1993 twitter: @stefania_model) is an Australian model and activist. She gained notoriety through various efforts to raise awareness…

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